Jagermeister Machine Hire

Jaggermeister Machine Hire

3 Bottle Jagermeister Machine

Jagermeister Machine Hire | Ice cold Jagermeister at your fingertips
Jagermeister is one of the best selling liquors in the world and makes an appearance at almost all function in South Africa.
Why not offer your guests an unique and memorable experience by by showcasing your imagination with our state of the art branded Jagermeister dispensing machine.
Our Jagermeister machine sits comfortably on any flat surface and lights up the traditional black and orange Jagermeister branding. As well as Jagermeister machine hire, you can also hire a bar, staff and get all the beverages and equipment from Shaken & Stirred, making us a one stop shop for all your bar needs.
Our Jagermeister machine has the capacity to take 6 litres of Jagermeister in total. 3 Litres will fill the tank, and 3 extra 1 litre bottles can be turned upside down, making 6 total litres for your enjoyment. Our machine needs little power to get the compressor running that will give you ice cold shots every single time with just a pull of a lever. Don’t have shot glasses for your event? Our machine will come with its own shot glasses leaving you relaxed without needing to run around. Don’t have time to buy Jagermeister? Ask us to supply a few bottles with the machine, no problem.
Contact us today for a quote that will blow your mind.

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